Year 1 Blog

Home Sweet Home

During our History lessons we have been learning about items that we have in our homes now (present) and items that people would have had in the past.

We have learnt about timelines and we have sequenced telephones and computers through the years. We also compared items and discussed how things had changed. We were very shocked to hear that in the past there wasn’t any computers or ipads!

We ended our learning with a trip to our school museum. There were lots of different objects that were found in homes in the past and there was even pictures of our school from the past. We particularly enjoyed looking at the phones and how they have changed.

Internet Safety Day

In Year One we had a visit from Smartie the Penguin on Safer Internet Day. He needed our help! He told us a story about how he had received a new tablet for his birthday but things kept going wrong and he needed our advice about what he should do.

We have been learning about internet safety in our computing lessons this term so we had lots of ideas about what he should do.

We decided to make a poster for Smartie to take back home with him so he could remember how to stay safe.

With Smarties help we learnt this song to help us to remember!