PE Premium

Talavera Infant School Sports Premium

What is Sports Premium?

In April 2013 the Government announced new funding for PE and sports provision in schools. Over the period of 2018-19, Talavera Infant School will receive £17,851 in PE/Sports premium funding.

Our aim is to ensure that we continue to promote, and deliver a curriculum that is enriched in sport activities, and opportunities for children to live healthy lifestyles, have opportunities to take part in many and varied sporting activities. We aim to ensure that there is an equality of opportunity in all that we do.

Reporting on PE Premium

It is the responsibility of the Governing Body to report on the expenditure and impact of the PE premium that is allocated to Talavera Infant School.


  • We ensure that our children receive a balanced and progressive sporting curriculum, tailored to their needs and interests.
  • We promote in our children a knowledge and awareness of leading healthy lifestyles, promoting social skills and play activities for them.
  • We provide our children with sporting and PE opportunities that use the skills of our own staff, and the skills of staff from external providers such as; football, dance and gymnastics.
  • We develop our staff through Continued Professional Development so that they are increasingly skilled to develop our sporting and PE programmes of study.
  • We provide our children with a range of after school clubs and activities that allow them to access sports and PE activities that they are interested in and develop their skills.
  • We monitor our provision and evaluate the outcomes of our provision both inside, and outside of the classroom context.


Sports Premium Spending

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