School Improvement

The overall aim of this School Improvement Plan is to raise standards in attainment for all pupils by:

To design and implement a curriculum that is exciting, inspiring, engaging and challenges all learners to work at the limit of their capability to achieve their potential.

  • Ensure that all leaders and class teachers have ownership of school’s curriculum
  • Ensure the wider curriculum enables all pupils to receive high quality teaching and experiences
  • Develop the curriculum in the foundation subjects ensuring it is relevant, coherently planned, sequenced and focussed on developing the skills and knowledge for all children
  • Further improve the quality of Maths teaching and learning throughout the school

To improve the quality of teaching and learning across the school towards outstanding

  • To further embed the use of formative assessment to check understanding, identify misconceptions and inform adapt teaching
  • To further develop the use of talk, the proficiency in English scales and vocabulary development across the curriculum
  • To ensure children have more opportunities for working at greater depth resulting in higher proportions of children exceeding ARE
  • To improve the provision and outcomes for SEND support children

To increase the effectiveness of leadership within the school at all levels 

  • To continue to develop year and subject leaders so that they can drive improvements in provision and outcomes
  • To ensure governors hold senior leaders to account effectively, to improve pupil outcomes, by systematically challenging and developing an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the school

For a full copy of the School Improvement Plan 2019-20 with actions and details of monitoring please see below: