Reporting An Absence

We follow Hampshire County Council child absence policy.

If you are reporting your child as absence please:

  • Call the school office on 01252 323137
  • Select ‘OPTION 1’ by pressing key 1 on your telephone pad.
  • Please leave a message stating your ‘child’s name’, ‘Class’ and ‘their reason for absence’.
  • All children’s absences must be reported to school by 9.30am.
  • OR please use the link on the left ‘Reporting your child absent’ will be sent to school and records updated.
  • If we do not receive a message regarding our child’s absence it may be marked in the register as ‘Unauthorised’.
  • Any absence 5 days or longer will require medical evidence, this can be an appointment card with your child’s name and appointment clearly written on the card. or a doctors consultant print out. If we do not receive this evidence your child’s absence can be unauthorised.
  • For an absence other than illness please collect an absence request form from the school office.