Vision and Values

Talavera Infant School Ethos

At Talavera Infant School we want the best for every child. We believe that however long a child is with us, if it is one term or three years it is important that they make good progress and are equipped for the next part of their education. The staff work hard to make sure children feel that they belong and are part of a caring community. We have high expectations for our children and believe that every child can be successful. Our curriculum is based around topics which we hope excite and motivate the children to learn and encourage parents to participate in their child’s learning.

Our School Motto

Engage, Inspire, Achieve

Our School Values

  • Honesty –   We tell the truth even when it is difficult
  • Kindness –  We welcome everyone who joins our school and help   each other
  • Pride –  We enjoy achieving together and on our own
  • Ambition –  We try our best and rise to a challenge, never giving up!

We are very proud of our school and work hard to foster confidence and a love of learning in all our children. We believe that high quality learning is achieved by providing first hand experiences and opportunities to explore and solve problems through a rich, engaging curriculum.

Aldershot is a garrison town and many of our children come from service families; bringing a rich diversity to our school that we welcome and value. We understand and embrace the challenge of change and have established a culture that welcomes new children and supports their integration quickly and successfully. 
Our school values are central to the spirit, ethos and culture of Talavera Infant School and help us to ensure that we achieve our vision statement for each individual child.

Our Vision Statement

Talavera Infant School……
Nurtures individuals in a safe, secure and welcoming environment

Values the learning opportunities that are experienced from a rich and diverse culture

Has a creative curriculum built around first hand experiences which excite, include and motivate all learners

Is fun and makes us laugh, smile and inspire a love of learning

Engages with the community to support the best outcomes for all of our children

Has high expectations of behaviour and learning to help everyone achieve