Gun Hill,

Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 1RG

01252 323137

For telephone enquiries please call Mrs Debbie Cook

Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 16:00

Office opening hours

Gun Hill,

Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 1RG

01252 323137

For telephone enquiries please call Mrs Debbie Cook

Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 16:00

Office opening hours

Information for Children

Information for Children


I hope you are excited about joining Talavera Infant School. I am extremely excited to meet and welcome you to your new school. My name is Mrs Cook and I am the Head teacher at the school. My job is to make sure that everyone is happy and enjoys learning new things. The children and the teachers here are kind, fun and very helpful.  They are looking forward to showing you how we do things at Talavera Infant School. Our fantastic building has lots of fun equipment and plenty of outdoor space for you to enjoy with the new friends you make. In your class next year, there will be lots of exciting things to learn, which will help you as you grow and develop. We have a great community here and we like to look after each other.

I hope that you enjoy looking at this book with your family. I have hidden 6 Talavera teddies on the pages see if you can find them, whilst you are looking at all of the fun things to do.

Have a fabulous summer and I will see you in September.

Meet the Reception Team

Rabbit and Hedgehog Class

Hello, my name is Mrs McAlindin and I am the Early Years Leader and the class teacher of Rabbit and Hedgehog class.  I have been busy ringing all of your lovely preschools and nurseries to find out all about you.  I can’t wait to meet you all in September and am sure you are going to love being part of Talavera Infant School. 

Badger and Squirrel Class

Hello, my name is Miss Huckfield and I am the class teacher of Badger and Squirrel class.  I love working with Reception children and my favourite things to do are art and craft.  I am really looking forward to meeting you in September.

Fox and Mole Class

Hello, my name is Miss Darbyshire and I am the class teacher of Fox and Mole class.  In school I really love drawing and colouring and playing in the mud kitchen.  I am looking forward to seeing you all and have got lots of exciting things for you to do.  I will see you soon!

Take a look at our school

School will start at 8.50am and finish at 3.10pm.  It is important to be on time every day.

We hang our coats on a peg.

We put our bookbags in a drawer.

We put our jumpers and cardigans in a box.

We ask you to bring in a water bottle every day and you will put your water bottle in one of the trays.

We encourage all of the children to follow our golden rules:

By following our Golden Rules you will gain stamps on your Good Citizen card.  When you get 10 stamps, you will receive a yellow badge!

When you put lots of effort into your learning, you will get a Good Work Point.  When you receive 10 Good Work Points, you will receive a blue badge.

After receiving 5 badges in total you will be awarded a Head teacher’s medal.

After you have settled into Year R, you will be given a reading book and a reading record.  We ask parents and carers to write in the reading record every time you read at home.  We expect you to read at home at least 3 times a week and more if you can.

When you have read 25 times, you will receive a Bronze certificate.

Then when you read another 50 times at home you will receive a Silver Certificate.

 After you have read a further 75 times, you will receive a Gold Certificate!

Our Uniform

These are some of the special clothes that you will wear to school every day.

Trousers and skirts with no buttons make it easier at toilet time.

Shoes with Velcro instead of laces is better for little fingers.

Having a zip on a dress makes getting changed for PE simple.

Ours tops are white or red

We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to Talavera Infant School.